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How to register an account?

In the personal center of the mobile APP client, click [Registration] on the login interface, the system will jump to the "User Registration" page. Fill in the registration infmation accding to the infmation on the page to complete the registration.

Can the mobile number be modified after successful registration?

The mobile phone number cannot be modified after successful login registration as the user name.

Does losing a phone affect account security?

Although the mobile phone number can be used to log in as a user name, you also need to know the login passwd. In addition, the account funds can only be withdrawn to the real-name authenticated Bitcoin account, so the loss of the mobile phone will not affect the account security, customers need not wry.

Can I cancel my account?

Can be cancelled, if you need to cancel your account, please contact Yili Investment online customer service. Yili Investment will hon its commitment will fully protect user infmation security.

 What are the passwds of Yili Investment Account?

1) There are two types of account passwds: login passwd transaction passwd. The login passwd is used to log in to the account, the transaction passwd is required when the funds change (investment withdrawal).

2) The iginal passwd f payment after registration defaults to the initial registration passwd. F the security of your account, please change the payment login passwd regularly, ensure that the login passwd is set different from the transaction passwd.

 How to retrieve the login passwd payment passwd?

Click [Fgot Passwd] on the login page, the system will automatically jump to a new page, enter the mobile phone number bound to the current account, enter the verification code, click [Next] to get the SMS verification code submit it. Go to SMS f new login passwd payment passwd.

How do I change my login passwd?

After logging in to the account, open the "Account Management" page, click [Personal Center], find "Login Passwd", click [Settings-Modify], enter the cresponding infmation, you can complete the modification of the login passwd.

How to change the transaction passwd?

After logging in to the account, open the "Account Management" page, click [Personal Center], find "Transaction Passwd", click [Settings-Modify], enter the cresponding infmation accding to the page prompt infmation, you can complete the transaction passwd modification.

Why do we need real-name authentication?

1) In der to improve the security level of the account, guarantee the security of the funds the validity of the contract, Yili Investment requires that real-name identity authentication be completed befe the first recharge. The security certification process is simple convenient. Strictly confidential.

2) When registering by real name, if the ID number contains x, fill in x directly, it is not case sensitive.

Can it be modified after real-name authentication?

To ensure the security of the account, after the real-name authentication is successful, the name ID infmation cannot be modified.

How to apply f online banking?

At present, all commercial banks suppt personal online banking business. You only need to bring a valid ID go to any business outlet of the local card issuer of your bank card to apply f online banking.

Why do I need to bind a Bitcoin account?

The purpose of binding a Bitcoin account is to withdraw funds, so the infmation bound to a Bitcoin account must be consistent with the real-name authentication infmation. When binding, please fill in the “Account” “Receipt QR Code” carefully, submit after checking. If you are not sure of the bank account infmation, please call the bank that the bank card belongs to in advance f consultation. If the infmation is not filled in properly, your withdrawal application may be returned by the bank.

Tips: Please provide the Bitcoin account number f withdrawal, make sure that the account holder's name is the same as the real name on your ID card provided by Yili Investment, otherwise the withdrawal cannot be successful.

Can my account be linked to a credit card?

The bank card used f fund binding is only a savings card cannot be used with a credit card.

How many Bitcoins are bound to the account?

Yili Investment suppts a Bitcoin account binding.

Can I change my Bitcoin account?

You can change your new Bitcoin account.

After changing the bound Bitcoin account, which Bitcoin account will the withdrawal funds go to?

After the user successfully withdraws funds, the funds will enter the Bitcoin account ed at the time of withdrawal.

How do I top up my account?

After logging in, click [Recharge] to jump to the payment method ion page:

(1) the Bitcoin account directly, enter the recharge amount, click [OK] to jump to the Bitcoin payment page enter the Bitcoin account.

(2) Copy the bitcoin account number after entering the recharge page, save the bitcoin QR code, then log in to your personal bitcoin account number to transfer recharge. After the transfer is successful, the system will automatically match your member account.

Will there be a hling fee f recharging?

The fees generated by the recharge are collected by a third-party payment company, but the current user recharge fees are temparily paid by Yili Investment.