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1. User registration

You need to fill in the necessary registration infmation to register as a user of "Yili investment".

2. Identity authentication

Launch the authitative identity authentication mode to automatically verify your identity.

3. Project investment

Accding to their own requirements, choose the most appropriate investment projects f your investment.

4. Recovery of principal interest

Make repayment to your account accding to the specific term repayment method of the project.

5. You can send the above links to invite friends to join through WhatsApp, Facebook, line, email, etc.; f each effective member promoted, you will get 8 yuan promotion fee.

Dear Yili investment users, from now on, invite friends to register Yili investment to get the opptunity of Yili investment cash reward;

Users can log in the column of "my account" - I want to promote - "promotion link" of Yili investment, copy the invitation link send it to friends through WhatsApp, Facebook, line,,, email, etc;

If you successfully invite one of your friends to register f Yili investment, you will get a promotion fee of 8 yuan, the new entrant will be recharged after registration, you will get 2% of the recharged capital of the registrant;

F example: if you register through your link address recharge 100000 yuan successfully, your promotion reward will be 100000 * 0.02 = 2000 yuan;

You can query the reward account in the column of "my account" - "I want to promote" - "promotion recd" - "offline share";

Me invitations me, we are looking fward to your participation! Note: the final interpretation right of this activity belongs to Hong Kong Yili Investment Co., Ltd.

Note: users are not allowed to recommend themselves. If users find that they recommend themselves, all funds of users offline will be frozen. In serious cases, all behavis of users will be restricted. F example, user a recommends user B (user B is actually registered by user a)

Investment safety

(1) International professional team

Members of the Yili investment team are professionals in global financial institutions, legal industry, economic research, e-commerce other fields to ensure the international level of specialization.

(2) Years of comprehensive financial experience

The company has accumulated many years of comprehensive financial industry experience, laying a solid foundation f the development of Yili investment business.

(3) Multi level supervision system

The first level: Yili investment's own risk management control system has accumulated many years of experience in developing comprehensive finance industry, comprehensively protects the interests of invests in terms of systems, processes, systems, etc;

The second level: strict management guidance by relevant government departments.

(4) Multiple protection netwk to prevent transaction risks

The investment services issued by Yili investment will be subject to strict internal audit by Yili investment professional institutions, guaranteed by ce enterprises above AA level. F some slightly risky transactions, Yili investment will also set higher audit stards f the project to ensure that only qualified investment projects can be on the platfm.