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1. How to register?

There is (Login / Registration) on the top right of the website. Click on the registration enter the relevant infmation to complete the registration. There is a [Recommended] column during registration. If you are recommended by a friend, fill in the friend in the [Recommended] column. Member account (ie mobile phone number), please leave blank if there is no referrer.

2. What should I do if the mobile phone does not receive the verification code?

(1). Please check if your mobile number is entered crectly;

(2). If the number is crect, please obtain the verification code again;

(3). It may be because you clicked too often to get the verification code, please try to get it after 1 hour.

3. Why does login fail?

(1). Please check if your username (ie mobile phone number) passwd are entered crectly; if you fget the passwd, you can click "Fgot Passwd" below the login to reset it;

(2). In the browser, click Tools-Internet Options-Tempary Internet Files: cookies, files, click "OK". Close your browser log in again;

(3). If you still cannot log in after the above operations, please contact online customer service.

4. Why can't my real name certification pass?

(1)Please check if your name ID number are entered crectly;

(2). Please check whether your ID number has been authenticated by real name on other user names;

(3). If the authentication still fails, please contact the online customer service f processing.

5. Can the ID number be changed after successful authentication?

It cannot be replaced. In der to protect the security of the invest account, it cannot be modified after the real-name authentication is passed.

6. Can I bind multiple bank cards?

Yes, but only one bank card can be used f cash withdrawal at a time.